Tango Tanz Trilogy

Peering into the intimacy of the female universe in tango

* * *

This is an Argentine-Austrian coproduction of creations that fuse the languages of Contemporary Dance, Tango, and imaging and communication technologies from a gender perspective.
It links three pieces of work: “IN THE ROOM” premiered in 2021, “IN SHARED SPACES” in 2022, and “IN THE BODIES" which will be first performed in 2023.
This trilogy arouse from a professional and personal bond of many years among three choreographers, two of them based in Argentina and the other one in Austria. Though with different professional experiences, they are artistically bonded by common interests: contemporary dance, tango, collective creation, age range and the gender perspective approach.

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Encounters and failed encounters, Meanings and missing meanings

Esthetic pieces of work hybridized by the projected image and its dialog with the bodies present. They address corporeality, stereotypes, the iconic, and what becomes natural in the tango culture. The place assigned to women from the esthetic aspect according to the predominant beauty standards in tradition. A plot with its main focus on the body and its special relation with the virtual. A bandoneon, a cello and a piano as sound producing bodies played live by musicians /performers, who interact with the dancers and their images.


Virtual performance
Rooms connecting live to reveal body territories, suspending shoulders, awaiting legs, arms that do not embrace. Three women who persist and sometimes succeed in maintaining glamour.

Melodies linking in cyberspace and opening a shared dance floor.

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Choreographic performance
Where a system of web cameras connect two stages with live audiences separated geographically. One node in Austria, where a dancer and a cellist share a stage and another node in Argentina, featuring two dancers and a musician playing the bandoneon and the piano.

It fuses the celebration of the meeting of present bodies with those which approach through the cyber space. Focusing on the female aspect of the tango embrace, it emphasizes the subtleties of sensual traits while playing with the traditional icons in a fresh manner.

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This work piece is in progress and will be premiered in 2023.



Claudia Grava

Dancer, choreographer, dance educator. She graduated from the “Institute of Advanced Studies in Art” of the Teatro Colón. She has lived in Austria since 1999. She has taken part in several productions in Argentina and Europe. Her works are presented in festivals such as Tanz Kollektion, Tanz vor Ort and on Stage. She chairs the contemporary dance association “netzwerkTanz“. Awarded the Honorary Prize for her achievements (“Ehren Gabe“) of Vorarlberg province 2019 in the dance category.

Liliana Tasso

Dancer, choreographer, researcher, arts manager. Psychologist - graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Her training focuses on ballet, contemporary dance, physical theater and somatic techniques. She specialized in Release, Contact Improvisation and Composition in Duke University, USA and Berlin. Her works take part in Festivals in Argentina, USA, Spain, Greece, Berlin, and Moscow. Co-director and curator of FIDIC. Judge of the National Theater Party, 2017 and 2018. Thesis judge at the National University of the Arts and San Martin National University. Chairperson of Cocoa Datei. Leads the online program International Artists, Dance and New Technologies intersection. Some of the works premiered in this program are IEES (Barcelona), Careborg (Berlin). Supported by IBERESCENA, GOETHE, INT, Prodanza, etc.

Verónica Litvak

Bachelor’s Degree in Choreographic Composition. Director and Dancer. Teacher at the National University of the Arts. Her work has been presented in Argentina and abroad at festivals such as en FIBA, Ciudanza, DanzaBA, Tango BA, On stage Festival and Tanz Kollection Herbst. Honored with national and international awards, prizes and grants such as Mecenazgo, Prodanza, Proteatro, Instituto Nacional del Teatro. Honorable Mention by the Argentine National Fund for the Arts, and grants by Austria national and provincial government.